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Weekend Cottage Rentals in Ontario

With so many things to do and to see in Ontario you have to know how to get everything done all under one small budget. Most families and couples during these hard economic times are facing hardships, and sometimes are thinking of bypassing their vacation all together. It doesnt have to be this was if you know what you are doing. We at Hastings resort have understood this problem that most people are facing and we took action.  

Given the situation we have decided it is best to lower our prices as much as we can, not only does this help our exposure, but it also helps you and gives you the chance to go on a great summer or winter vacation for the weekend at our resort. We believe that you can experience everything that you wanted right here in Ontario - you dont have to travel thousands of miles. The water might not be as warm, but when its 35 degrees outside cool water does the trick!  

The travel time is short also, for most it is a 2 or 3 hour ride from their home. Once you get here you can enjoy a nice steak at our restaurant and go for an ATV ride along the trails that we have around the cottage resort. There are many fun activities for your family to enjoy and you can do it all for one low price. Talk to our receptionist and they will be able to tell you how to plan your day properly in order to get the most out of your stay with us.  

Not far from us you can visit the park, but since you are staying just for the weekend you might want to limit the time that you spend there - since there are so many fun things to do at our resort. You can take a canoe or a kayak out for a trip across the river. You can go hiking around our property, or even sit by our campfire and enjoy quality family time. There is no telling how many more things people who stay with us think of doing and how great the experience is when you meet new people at the resort and experience it together!

For more information on the resort and activities offered, please contact us at 613-474-4000 or 613-474-5000
or online at info@hastingsresort.com

Only a 2.5 hour drive from Toronto!

Address: Hastings Resort
14 Beaver Creek Lane
Gilmour, Ontario
K0L 1W0

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