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Hastings Cottage Resort Coupon Deals for the Winter

Getting ready for winter fun early on? Well then you are in for a treat from Hastings Resort. For everyone who signs up way in advance you get to claim your coupons on the major coupon deal websites. We do this every season and our guests love it. You will be able to save a lot of money and get the exact same offer as those people who pay in full late into the booking season. So if you know you want to have fun this winter like riding ATVs, skating, hiking, and more then book now.

You will also get a special discount on our famous Steakhouse where you will enjoy the best food you ever tried in Ontario...maybe even Canada. Dont wait until the last minute, we get book quite quickly and would be sad to see you miss our on the best winter of your life - we know the other guests will. In fact we know this so well because we have many returning guests every year to see what Hastings and Gilmour has to offer in terms of beauty and wonder of the white winter covered trees and the overall glory of what our country has to offer us.

For more information on the resort and activities offered, please contact us at 613-474-4000 or 613-474-5000
or online at

Only a 2.5 hour drive from Toronto!

Address: Hastings Resort
14 Beaver Creek Lane
Gilmour, Ontario
K0L 1W0

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