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We have many people who come to us and tell us that we are one of the best places that they have been to in Ontario in terms of a vacation. They also tell us that before when they visited other resorts they paid sometimes twice as much for the same type of trip. This is why we always recommend for our guests to look around for the best vacation deals, sometimes it might mean losing business too! But it is important that you are always getting your money's worth. There are thousands of resorts, and although here at Hastings Resort we believe we are the most luxurious and offer the most, distance is always a big factor for guests. You might be over paying at cottages or resorts you are staying at - so consider research. Find coupons or deals and get the ones that are right for where you live and compare the prices. Make sure to always try to book as much ahead of time as possible, this way, at least for Hastings, you will get the best deals around.

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Only a 2.5 hour drive from Toronto!

Address: Hastings Resort
14 Beaver Creek Lane
Gilmour, Ontario
K0L 1W0

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